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How to care for your fine lingerie bras

Once you get your Empreinte bra home, you are sure to fall in love with its fabulous fit and luxurious styling. Taking proper care of your Empreinte will extend its life and keep it beautiful for longer!

Rotate your bra selections frequently. Excessive wear will weaken the band and straps' elasticity. Oil and sweat that collects on your bra can lead to the breakdown of the bra's fabric composition. Give your bras an occasional break and send them to the wash!

After every other wear, take time to hand wash your bra. Although you may have lingerie bags handy and a “Delicate Cycle” on your washing machine, neither will properly protect your bra. A spin in the washing machine is dangerous. The hooks can snag, the wires can deform or come loose, and the straps can catch, snap or overstretch. Hand washing is the only surefire way to keep your bra safe while retaining its fit and beauty.

Empreinte also suggests that you do not bleach or use whitening products on your lingerie. Remember to separate your whites, lights and darks to preserve your lingerie's color. Never leave your bra to soak either, be sure to remove from water as soon as you have finished washing it.

Hand washing is not as daunting as it seems. Here's a breakdown of the steps.

1. Fill up a sink of lukewarm water.

2. Always check for colorfastness before dunking an entire garment in the water. We suggest you dip a corner of the item in water, hang it over a clean, white cloth and see if any dye drips off. Many dark garments release some dye when washed. Be aware of this so you're not inadvertently staining other garments in the process.

3. Now it’s time to break out the cleaning agent. We swear by Forever New, an organic fabric wash composed of gentle ingredients, meant to draw out oils and restore elasticity and color to your lingerie and other hosiery. Forever New is available in the classic granular formulation (Forever New 32 oz., 8 oz., and 4 oz.), a liquid formula ideal for dark fabrics (Ovacion 16 oz.) and an excellent stain remover, perfect for even your most delicate fabrics (Stain Remedy 6.7 oz.). 

3. Add Forever New fabric wash to the water. Swish your hand in to mix the fabric wash, then add your delicates. Just as with regular laundry, wash like colors together.

4. Agitate gently, soak for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly; the best way to remove excess water is to squeeze gently or roll in a clean towel.

Always let your bras air dry, taking time and care to reshape the cups when necessary. The dryer is just as dangerous as a washing machine.

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