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Bra Style Guide

Demi Cup Bra - Empreinte Demi Bras create a beautiful frame for the breasts and chest. The cups of a Demi Bra are cut straight across which creates a cleavage presentation. The straps are set wide and sit farther away from the collarbone than a standard bra. This creates a broad, open neckline.

Empreinte Thalia Demi Cup Bra View

Full Cup Bra - Full Cup Bras eliminate cleavage by containing all of the breast tissue inside the bra cup. Empreinte Full Cup Bras look beautiful while serving a full coverage function. Full Cup Bras minimize the size and appearance of the breasts. Full Cup Bras from Empreinte look and fit best on women with an ample bustline.

Empreinte Melody Full Cup Bra

Contour Bra - Contour bras are constructed of a thicker fabric to create a seamless, smooth silhouette. Contour Bras serve an everyday bra function and typically completely conceal the nipple. Contour Bras offer a soft, rounded silhouette under all fabrics, even form fitting or clingy garments

Empreinte Contour Bra

Plunge Bra – Plunge bras create a deep plunging presentation and a cleavage appearance. Empreinte Plunge Bras are extremely sexy and functional. Plunge Bras are the perfect selection to wear underneath low cut tops with deep necklines. An Empreinte Plunge Bra is a must have for a modern woman's wardrobe.

Empreinte Thalia Plunge Bra

Seamless Bra- Better known as a T-Shirt bra, seamless bras disappear under clothing with a smooth cup. Seamless t-shirt bras are an ideal choice for slim fitting ensembles. Most seamless bras offer a light lining to conceal the nipple. Empreinte delivers seamless bras in both a contour and molded cup styling for women of all breast sizes and shapes.

Empreinte Seamless Bra

Molded Bra - Molded Bras have pre-shaped cups that guide breasts into place and allow for a more natural shape. You will enjoy a feminine, shapely silhouette with a molded cup bra and experience a silhouette different a contour bra offers. Empreinte Molded Cup Bras provide fantastic coverage and control. Empreinte Molded Cup Bras are typically very flexible and soft but remain taut and supportive. Molded cups are constructed with seams and panels to support and lift the breast. Empreinte's specialty are Molded Cup Bras, boasting many selections within each collection.

Empreinte Molded Bra

Strapless Bra - Strapless Bras are necessary for any clothing that does not provide straps or sufficient coverage to hide a traditional bra; these bras are usually sold with removable straps that increase the versatility of the bra. Strapless bras are a must-have for all women.

Empreinte Strapless Bra

Multi-Positional Bras - Features triangle shaped cup to provide coverage and support for petite to average figures; triangle bras are likely padded or lined and generally come in soft cup styles with thin straps, center gore and back wings. They are multi-positional bras and can be worn as in standard regular bra strap position or as a halter.

Empreinte Triangle-Multi Postional Bra

Underwire Bra - Empreinte has made beautifully fitting Underwire Bras famous. Underwire Bras use a full underwire built into the underside of the bra cup to lift, separate and shape the breasts. Underwire Bras are essential for lifting and centering an ample bust. Empreinte has Underwire bras in many fabric styles and presentations for maximum functionality.

Empreinte Underwire Bra
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